Care for your toys

We love making these beautiful toys for you and we make them to last. So if you take this little bit of extra care with your toys it will help keep them in great condition for many more years.

If your wooden toys get dirty or dusty just give them a light wipe over with a damp cloth and then give a bit of a buff with a dry soft cloth.

With your soft toys it is good to spot clean any marks with a damp cloth. Sometimes your cuties may need a wash. This is a quick guide on how to hand wash your cuties, especially the ones with wool felt on them.


  1. Fill a basin with lukewarm water
  2. Use a mild soap like a liquid hand soap or dish washing liquid 
  3. Gently massage any marks off your toys
  4. rinse off all soap and give a light squeeze to remove all the water
  5. place the toy on a clean towel in a warn shaded spot to dry