About Us


​Lose yourself in the magical world of quality handmade toys at Little Darlings Toys. David and Jenny are the proud owners and designers of this fun vibrant hand made brand that started in 2013.
David has such a love for making these beautiful wooden toys. What makes his toys just a little bit more special is his eco-friendly approach. He chooses to use reclaimed timbers, pallets, aged woods and specialty timber.  David makes his own non-toxic beeswax finish so all his toys are safe for kids of all ages, even the younger ones who like to taste their toys. David also pays attention to the ergonomic designs of his toys, they all have smooth rounded sides with no sharp edges and an easier grip for small hands.
Jenny makes a collection of adorable softies as well as fairy tail inspired dolls. She prefers to use high quality quilters cottons, calico and 100% wool felt. These adorable cuties are made with quality in mind and are double stitched for strength and durability. 
You can be sure these toys are well made with your little darling in mind, so each toy will last for many years of play to come.